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•  Security Analytics is broad, let's see its many incarnations
•  Security is a data analytics problem, let's see where we are today
•  XDR ia confusing practitioners, let's see what is real
•  What the product reality is today
Anton Chuvakin
Richard Stiennon
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Zero Trust
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Zero Trust By Function
ZT Platform:
Multiple offerings in a bundle

ZT Users:
Identity and access for users/ identities
ZT Network:
Network security solutions/segmentation

ZT Workloads:
Cloud infrastructure/apps
ZT Devices:
Mobile devices/servers/BYOD/ endpoints/IoT/OT

ZT Data:
Data security
ZT Automation:
Automation/policy engines

ZT Visibility:
Analytics and visibility
Speaker Sessions
Deena Thomchick, VP Product Axis Security
Abstract: A detailed look at the myths around deployment of a Zero Trust environment and a discussion about the fastest path to establishing true Zero Trust security around networks of all types and sizes.
Premier Vendors

Zero Trust Demos
Netskope Zero Trust Data Protection
Netskope Zero Trust Data Protection provides contextual controls that follow data and users everywhere.

Zscaler Workload Segmentation: The New Way to Achieve Microsegmentation
In this demo, we discuss how customers use Zscaler Workload Segmentation to embrace microsegmentation with identity-based auto-segmentation to simplify policy creation and ensure that workloads communicate safely with each other.

InstaSafe Demo: Complete Access Management with InstaSafe
In this demo, we take you through the security mechanisms and the architecture behind our easy to monitor Zero Trust Platform, and give you a tour of the InstaSafe Single Pane Zero Trust Management Console.

Zero Trust Access for SaaS Applications
See how Banyan Security uses Trust Based Access Control to enforce device trust and device posture policies for access to SaaS applications. Eliminate security risks without introducing new network choke points.