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Executive Overview
The Demo Forum’s Jerry Zucker interview’s Charles Robbins, Chief Compliance Officer for Techr2
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Patented End-of-life Media Ecosystem Solutions with TechR2 (speaker session)

Charles shares TechR2's system for mitigating the risk of a data breach along with the culture of zero trust compliance, zero landfill commitment, and promotion of women/minorities in the industry.
Risk Mitigation and Data Security (Demo)

An overview of TechR2's patented Tear-A-Byte Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify media security process, a demo of the products that execute that process, and an overview of our green initiatives

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TechR2's patented Tear-A-Byte Track-Contain-Destroy-Verify media destruction process helps clients mitigate risks. We pride ourselves on being a zero-landfill company.

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